Why Have To Work With Us ?

      Why Have To Work With Us ?

      Why Have To Work With Us ?

      Our vision and mission;

      Kaynar Law has a structure that aims to grow continuously; It is the leading law firm of the region based in Trabzon, serving in cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Adana.

      It is the top priority to produce solutions based on trust in business follow-up.

      While resolving your disputes, it works by believing in team harmony with its internationally experienced lawyers who speak English as well as deep expertise in the field of trade.

      Why Have To Work With Us ?

      The diversity of cases is our greatest wealth ;

      It carries out a comprehensive consultancy activity with its business partners as a financial advisor in the field of finance, a specialist in medical law and a civil engineer in real estate law. Thus, it makes a special assessment for each legal dispute and works towards a positive outcome of the trial process.

      International Service and Client Diversity ;

      The basic principle of Kaynar Law Firm is to take care to provide nationwide information and support with representative law offices in other provinces during the litigation and business follow-up period. Kaynar Law Firm provides uninterrupted legal services to its domestic and foreign clients in the fields of finance, health, real estate, tourism and logistics. For individuals, it provides support to meet all needs in criminal law, divorce law, compensation cases arising from traffic accidents and employee-employer rights.

      It takes care to maintain the balance between material and moral values and to walk with business fellows who believe in the rule of law.